Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5

The Amazon Echo Show 5 blends a smart alarm clock with the most excellent features of the original Echo Show. You can easily fit the Amazon Echo Show 5 at your bedside. It is a decent smart display and a competent “smart alarm clock” for an attractive $84.99 price, far less than the retail price of the next-lowest competitor, Google Nest Hub (formerly the Google Home Hub).


  • Affordable
  • Alexa Compatibility
  • Smart Home Management Systems
  • Smart Gestures
  • Kid Variants
  • Camera Shutter


  • Small Screen Size
  • Smaller Field of View
  • Inconsistent Sound Quality
  • No Physical Audio Output

Echo Show 15

The Amazon Echo Show 15 went on sale in December 2021. The introductory price of the product was USD 249. It was also available with other smart device bundles from Amazon. Amazon’s latest product, Alexa-powered, comes with the largest screen among its predecessors. The Echo Show 15 is the priciest model of all the models of the Echo Show. The Echo Show 15 can be hung on the wall and it has shaken up the idea of how Smart displays can be utilized. Echo Show 15 can work as a central hub for family members who can interact, and leave messages or notes for others. Users can buy the Sanus Tilt Stand priced at USD 29 in case the Amazon Echo Show is not hung on the wall.

The product is having the biggest ever screen of 15.6 inches with a full HD resolution of 1920x1080p. The Amazon Echo Show 5 comes with an Amlogic PopcornA +Amazon AZ2 processor for better processing and management. Show 15 has a new widget that will help to customize the home screen as per user liking. The Widget feature is a distinguishing factor apart from the screen size.

Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen)

Echo Show Gen 8 2nd Gen was launched on June 2021. The charcoal color variant of the Echo Show 8 2nd Generation has been priced at USD 129.  It has a clever new auto-framing camera for video chatting, making it the most affordable Alexa display available. The camera has earned a major upgrade, providing better pictures while video chatting with loved ones. Since the launch of the product, it has been considered one of the best Alexa speakers with a screen. Show 8 comes with a compact design and versatility as a smart home device.

The new Echo Show 8 has some of the exciting features of the new Echo Show 10 key features. It includes a sharp 13-megapixel camera for high-quality video chat and display pan-zoom which will keep the user in the frame. The device has boosted video chatting abilities and has entered the market with the counter-friendly build quality. Echo Show 8 is more affordable compared to Echo Show 10 and the mountable Echo Show 15 but pricier than the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen which came out earlier the year. The display is designed with a minimalistic fabric-swathed exterior. The 13 MP camera is housed in a larger, square component.

Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen)

Echo Show 5 2nd Gen is easily the best Alexa speaker when it comes to affordability.  The Show 5 2nd Gen was launched on June 2021 and was priced at USD 84.99. Echo Show 5 2nd Generation might have a small screen size but it has some packed-in features. It works perfectly as a smart photo frame. Users can link Amazon Photos and synch any photo from the phone with the Echo Show 5 2nd Gen. Echo Show 5 2nd gen has a physical camera shutter that comes with a software kill switch that activates when the mic is muted. The firmware upgrade makes the camera an excellent home monitoring system that can help the user to see the Echo Show camera feed from a mobile device.  The screen can also be linked with a bonafide security camera like Amazon ring, or third-party devices like Wyze. It is possible to check those camera feeds from the Echo Show 5 2nd Gen.

The 5-inch display provides plenty of place for showing time, digital photos, or weather information.  Echo Show 5 2nd gen is the first model which comes with a Kid’s edition. It is a little power-packed device that comes with a screen and Alexa access to one or two rooms.

Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)

The Echo Show 10 3rd Generation was launched on February 2021. The first noticeable feature of the Echo Show 10 3rd Generation is its 10 inches screen. The Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd Generation was priced at USD 249.99.  The Show 10 3rd Generation broke the myth that smart screens have to be stationary. The 10.1-inch screen of Show 10 3rd Generation, can rotate to face following the user wherever in the room. It is a huge jump ahead in usability as the user does not need to remain seated in one place to face the screen. The product offers a larger screen and more powerful sound compared to its predecessor Echo Show 8.

The Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd gen comes with a nicely saturated and reasonably bright display. The motion tracking option is driven by a combination of audio and camera information which is accurate. The brushless motor ensures that the motion tracking is silent which ensures no buzz or any unwanted noises are picked up with the microphone. The audio performance is supported by a 3-inch woofer and two one-inch tweeters which makes it the most powerful among the Amazon smart displays. The speaker packs in enough bass to rattle out loose objects on the counter or table where it is placed.

Echo Show 8

The Amazon Echo Show 8 was launched in November 2019 with a price of USD 130. Though it has been four years since the launch, Amazon’s fourth Alexa-enabled Smart display is still a competition leader as one of the best available in the market. Show 8 offers an effective mix of features and perks which justifies its midrange existence. It is one of the best competitors to Google’s Nest Hub. It is just the perfect countertop smart display within the USD 130 price tag. It has been argued that Show 8 does not pack considerable features. However, Show 8 is more about smart iteration rather than grand innovation.

Show 8 comes with a screen that is bigger than any propped-up phone, comes with a sharp display of 1280×880 pixels resolution, and pair of 2-inch speakers with solid power. Show 8 has the best features of Show 5 like a physical camera shutter and sunrise alarm. The shutter provides assurance to the customers that no one is watching them without their consent. The sound of Echo Show 8 is much better than Show 5 with the volumes kept at the middle of the range.

Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 was launched in June 2019 with a pricing of USD 85 approximately. The device comes with an attractive physical design, works perfectly with Alexa, and comes with plenty of skill add-ons. Echo Show 5 is considered a cute little smart display, which looks a bit like an old iMac G3 but in a smaller and wider size. The unit has minimalistic buttons along the top, one each for volume up and down and one for turning the mic or camera off. A reassuring analog slider is given for blocking or freeing the camera shutter.

The voice command is highly convenient and if using Echo Show 5 in the kitchen, one does not need to touch the unit with greasy hands. However, the screen picture is not spectacular but acceptable. It is highly effective for video chats, chatting with friends or family, doing skype calls, or keeping an eye on the baby or visitors at the door.

Echo Show Second Generation

The Echo Show 2nd Generation was launched on October 2018 in the USA. It was a complete redesign from the first generation. The back plastic from the first generation was replaced with a mesh casing while maintaining the shape of the device. The speakers moved to the side and back of the device which allowed to increase the size of the display to 10.1 inches, a 3-inch bigger size than the first generation. The camera was the same 5 MP but the speakers were improved to 2.2 inches with a 10-watt output.

The product came with a unique touchscreen experience, a friendly design laced with a bigger and brighter screen. It came with an added web browser for browsing the internet. Besides Echo Show, the 2nd Generation can play music from Amazon Music, and third-party streaming like Deezer, iHeartRadio, Spotify, or TuneIn. It can even play music videos from Vevo. The new touch-screen interface for streaming video services focuses on front pages which categorize touch-based navigation instead of a horizontal listing of the specific items. Echo Show 2nd Gen can also show live and recorded TV from Amazon fire TV recast when it will be launched.

Echo Show First Generation

The first-Generation Echo Show 1st generation was launched on June 2017. It was the first Echo Show which came with an Intel Atom x5 Z8350. It contained a pair of two-inch speakers which makes it distinguishable from any other Echo product. It has features like other Alexa products which can conduct voice calls, and video calls, thanks to the 7-inch screen. The product comes with a video calling facility as it comes with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. The product had been priced at USD 229.99. The angular lines of the Echo Show might work with a modern tv. But they are often blocky and look like a bookshelf or desk speaker.

The touch screen has enabled a simple set-up of Echo Home which does not require any additional device. As it is plugged in the screen will show the available Wi-Fi network and you will be free to choose the network of choice. After the network is established, users can log in to their Amazon account and do any firmware upgrade if available. The only wire connector in the device is the power chord. Besides, it can work as a Bluetooth speaker and a good sound source.

What Can You Enjoy in the New Echo Show 5?

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is a lightweight smart display that can fit nicely on your nightstand and has many capabilities. Getting out of bed is simple, thanks to the sunrise alarms. Thanks to the new smart home control interface, you now have a convenient method to touch-manage your devices. A physical shutter and all of Alexa’s voice commands are also available, along with a few helpful privacy measures. So, what does it offer? How good is it? Is Echo Show 5 worthy of your time and investment?

The Brand-New Design

The Echo Show 5 (2019) mimics the form of the Echo Show (2018) but has a smaller 5.5-inch screen, comparable to a smartphone screen, therefore the ‘5’ designation. In contrast to how most smart displays are comparable to tablets, the Show 5’s size, shape, and 960 x 480 resolution imply that you won’t see much visually when viewing movies on your phone. Although comparing it to a mobile gadget may not be fair, this design decision demands it.

The screen of Show 5 is angled toward the front. The wedge-shaped rear, which holds the speakers, is also equipped with mechanical volume controls, an Alexa mute button, and a shutter you can manually pull over the camera lens for those who value privacy. These features are present in the same mesh shell as in the last Show.

A camera is present in the upper right corner of the 5.5-inch, 960 by 480-pixel touch screen. Moreover, the camera is encircled by a black border that is level with the screen. Two pinholes for the far-field microphones are located on the top edge, together with a mechanical switch for the camera shutter, mic mute, and volume up/down controls.

The only visible difference on the new Echo Show 5 is on the rear. There is a micro-USB connector for charging and a connection for the charging cable. The 3.5mm audio output from the prior generation has been eliminated. Therefore, you can no longer connect a cable to your preferred speaker and the smart display to convey sound. Nevertheless, if the speaker doesn’t require a PIN, it can still emit audio through Bluetooth.

Improved Alexa Features

The Echo Show 5 utilizes Amazon’s digital assistant for all speech commands because it is an Amazon smart display. You can use it to ask Alexa typical questions like the news or sports results, and she will respond both vocally and on the touch screen. Alexa may also check your email and provide information about your daily plan in the form of helpful text.

If your smart home appliances are Alexa-compatible, you may operate them with your voice or touch. Critical control systems and live feeds from your home security cameras will appear upon demand. Moreover, users can also keep an eye on their house using the Echo Show 5’s camera through the Alexa app.

You may ask Alexa to play songs, programs, or films from several sources regarding entertainment. The Echo Show 5 can play music from Spotify, Audible, iTunes, and Amazon Music. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are also available via voice commands. 

However, you should know that watching a movie on a little screen isn’t the most relaxing experience. Alexa offers more specialized news and entertainment services, such as Red Bull TV for sports, NPR for news, and Food Network Kitchen for cooking.

The Echo Show 5 features Skype and Amazon’s Drop-In functionality for video chats with other Echo smart displays, users of the Alexa phone app, and other Echo smart displays.

Audio and Camera Capabilities

The screen and speaker of the Echo Show 5 are the same as those of their forerunner. Therefore, you may anticipate the same results. The screen provides a pretty bright, vivid image on the video side. But compared to the Echo Show 8, it is both smaller and has a lesser quality. Although it may not be the ideal method for watching films, it does not appear washed out or too distorted.

For a bedside radio, the sound quality is decent. However, it won’t entirely fill the space like the Echo Show 8. So, you may anticipate average bass and limited high-frequency sharpness on the Echo Show 5. In the end, it’s suitable for listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and even some songs. However, its sound quality and loudness are constrained by its compact size.

The only significant modification in this is the camera. Even in the dark, the Home Monitoring stream displays incredible results. Its field of vision is reasonably large and nearly as crisp as the Echo Show 8’s image. The camera’s upward-facing shape makes for highly pleasing angles, and with its relatively large field of vision, it provides the maximum amount of use for home monitoring.

The Kid Editions

Amazon now offers a Kids Edition version of the Echo Show 5 in addition to the basic device for an additional $10. You will receive a unique blue-green-yellow chameleon hue, a year of access to the Kids Plus program, and a two-year warranty against unintentional damage if you pay that. 

The audiences don’t appear to find a two-year damage warranty for a product that is meant to remain stationary on a dresser or shelf to be very beneficial. However, children damage stuff, and this warranty is helpful in the long term.

The Kids Plus feature on the Echo Show is comparable to the Fire HD Kids Edition tablets from Amazon. It enables adults to personalize the features and materials offered on the gadgets and match them to their child’s age. It will only accept tracks that are not explicit from Amazon Music. The Show’s capacitive screen also removes several functionalities, such as smart home management.

Multiple accounts that you may swap between different children are feasible on tablets, but the Echo Show does not support them. You must set the restrictions to a single child’s age bracket if you intend to share it with more than one child.

Additional Features

The Show 5 is excellent for a desk alarm or audiobook streaming. Another valuable feature of the Echo Show 5 is the ability to snooze an alarm by tapping the top of the screen. This is simpler than attempting to say “Alexa snooze” when you’re only half awake.

The ability to connect to other smart home products and group them into single instructions, such as heating the smart teapot and starting a radio station when you wake up or adjusting the lights while you’re getting ready for bed, is another critical feature of Alexa.

Although the smaller Echo Show 10 lacks the Zigbee smart home connectivity, it’s doubtful that you won’t be able to connect other items using the Show 5. This is because of Amazon’s attempts to increase interoperability with other smart home companies. So, you’ll be okay with multi-room configurations with other Echo devices. Moreover, Alexa has abilities for things like Philips Hue light bulbs and Arlo video surveillance.

One other handy feature is Amazon Sidewalk. With the help of other customers’ networks, this low-power wireless mesh system ensures that some smart home appliances keep functioning outside of your house and in your neighborhood. Although it’s a good concept, we advise turning it off because it raises privacy and security issues.

The Bottom Line

Amazon delivers in all respects as a lightweight and reasonably priced smart display. The Show 5 is far less expensive than its other screen-based relatives. It has the complete Alexa experience in addition to the first iterations of smart routines and a digital alarm system.

The Show 5 also provides clear video and audio outputs and keeps the Echo Show speakers’ bass-heavy presentation. The Echo Show 5 is still among the least expensive options to add an Alexa device to your house. So, for the price, you’re getting a sizable package that includes an alarm clock, some rudimentary smart home features, and the start of several video apps.

It is the most reasonably priced smart display currently on the market, and due to its compact size, you can put the Echo Show 5 almost anywhere, from your workplace to your bedroom. Therefore, it can be ideal if you already have other Amazon devices and are ready to turn your home into a future smart home.