Apple TV Device

Apple TV Device
GenerationRelease DatePrice (USD)Siri RemoteStorageApple Arcade4K HDRDolby AtmosDolby VisionAirplay
Apple TV 4K (3rd Gen)October 2022$147 (32GB), $165 (128GB)Yes32GB or 128GBYesYesYesYesYes
Apple TV HD (4th Gen)May 2021$85Yes32GBYesYesNoYesYes
Apple TV HD (3rd Gen)September 2015DiscontinuedYes32GBYesNoNoYesYes
Apple TV (2nd Gen)September 2010DiscontinuedNo8GBNoNoNoYesYes
Apple TV (1st Gen)March 2007DiscontinuedNo40GB or 160GBNoNoNoYesYes

Like Roku and Google’s Chromecast, Apple TV streams movies and TV shows to your HDTV. However, that is but one fantastic feature that Apple TV offers. It allows you to listen and watch podcasts, play games, stream music, and do various things. Everything is dependent on the apps you install. Some programs are free, some are not, and some are free to download but require a fee.

How Can You Enjoy Apple TV?

The only things you’ll need to get started with Apple TV are an HDMI cable and an internet connection. Apple TV has an ethernet port for a hardwired internet connection and Wi-Fi support. It also includes a remote control.

When you connect it to your TV with an HDMI cable and turn it on, it will follow a brief setup procedure. This process requires you to enter your Apple ID, the same ID you use to sign in to iTunes and download apps to your iPad. If you’re connecting wirelessly, you’ll also need to enter your Wi-Fi information.

You can speed up this process if you have an iPhone. Apple TV and the iPhone will share some of this information for you, saving you the trouble of inputting data with a remote. This all to your doorsteps in just $129.

Why Should You Buy An Apple TV Device?

  • Using an Apple TV instead of your television’s smart functions or another device can benefit you. It works well with other Apple devices in your home. They also have other advantages, which we will discuss below.
  • Excellent Streaming Experience
  • Turn Any TV Into Smart TV
  • Compatible with the Apple Ecosystem
  • Smart Home Platform

You Desire a Dependable Streaming Experience

The Apple TV does not speed up content loading, but it does speed up access to it. It is typically much faster to navigate than the interface of a smart TV. Even the most expensive 4K TVs can have menus that are slower to navigate than the Apple TV’s interface. It’s simple to use, quick and has a plethora of apps.

You Do Not Own a Smart TV

If you have a TV that lacks intelligent TV features, a streaming device like the Apple TV can help you add them. There’s no need to spend money on a new television. Instead, add an Apple TV to gain access to various streaming apps, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, Hulu, etc.

You Already Own Other Apple Products

Apple products work well together. You can use a HomePod or HomePod mini as speakers for your TV if you have an Apple TV. Furthermore, you can also use your iPhone or iPad to cast music, photos, or other content directly to your TV via Apple TV.

You Require a Smart Home Hub

The Apple TV is more than just streaming content and using apps. It can also function as a highly effective smart home hub with the right gadgets. Because the Apple TV supports Thread, a low-power mesh networking standard, you can use it to control home cameras, doorbells, thermostats, and other intelligent devices. It is possible to do so via Siri or the remote.

Why Should You Not Buy An Apple TV Device?

An Apple TV is a helpful streaming and smart home device, but it is not for everyone. Here’s when you should avoid buying an Apple TV.

No Upgrades Over Other Smart TVs

No Benefit for People Who Don’t Like Streaming

Non-comptaible with the Android Ecosystem

You’re Content With Your Smart TV

If your smart TV already does a good job of streaming content. You don’t need an Apple TV if you have another streaming device; it’s nice but not required.

You Do Not View Streaming Content

The Apple TV features many educational apps and Apple Arcade, which is great for TV gaming, but its main focus is streaming shows via apps or iTunes. Apple TV has limited appeal if you don’t want to watch movies or TV shows online.

You Do Not Own Any Apple Products.

You may use an Apple TV without any other Apple devices, but you will miss out on certain essential features. People tend to be loyal to one ecosystem, such as Android or iOS, and switching between the two might be difficult.

It’s easier to remain with one to make all your digital purchases available on your devices. Furthermore, it isn’t easy to cast content without an iPhone or iPad. If you don’t own any other Apple products, cheaper streaming devices are available.


In Conclusion, Apple TV is a convenient, stylish, and valuable addition to any intelligent home. As the Apple TV becomes more popular, many content providers will explore new ways to capitalize on what the medium offers. It will also create challenges: revenue methods, app

discovery, and customizations are all issues businesses should consider in their long-term plan if they want to join the platform.