Is Apple Care For Apple TV Worth It?

If you are considering purchasing Apple Care for your Apple TV and wondering whether the cost is worth it, the answer is simply a No! There is nothing really that could break on your Apple TV to make Apple Care worthy. The only thing that could break is the remote, which can be replaced easily, even if you purchase it separately.

What Is Apple Care, And How Much Does It Cost?

Apple products come with a limited one-year warranty, covering hardware failures and manufacturing defects. It also comes with 90 days of technical support offered for free. For those who want to extend the warranty, Apple provides Apple Protection Plan, also called Apple Care+, for Apple TV, which costs $39.

Apple TV with Apple Care has an extended warranty of two to three years, depending on the availability in your country. You can also choose a monthly plan, which is certainly expensive, but this plan could be extended to cover a warranty beyond the standard period. The Apple Care plan for Apple TV covers common hardware failures, but no accidental damage coverage exists. The plan also has priority access to Apple product support through chat or phone. Users can also get express replacement service.

Factors to Consider

Device Usage and Portability: Unlike portable devices like iPhones and MacBooks, Apple TV is typically stationary and placed near your television. Its reduced portability minimizes the risk of accidental damage due to drops or impacts.

Mechanical Complexity: Apple TV has fewer mechanical components compared to devices like iPhones or MacBooks. This reduced complexity translates to a lower likelihood of hardware failures.

Software Reliability: Apple TV is designed to be user-friendly and is less likely to encounter software issues that require extensive technical support. Most software-related problems can be resolved through simple restarts or resets.

Apple Care vs. Premium Repair Services: Even without Apple Care, you can still access high-quality repair services at Apple Stores. Apple’s skilled technicians can address any potential issues that may arise with your Apple TV. While Apple Care offers priority support, the standard repair services available at Apple Stores are often sufficient for resolving problems.

Future Upgrades and Lifespan: Apple consistently releases updated versions of its products, including Apple TV. As technology evolves, you might find yourself upgrading to a newer model before the extended Apple Care coverage expires. This potential for future upgrades diminishes the value of a prolonged warranty.

Expert Opinions: Many experts in the field suggest that Apple Care is unnecessary for Apple TV. The device’s stationary nature, simplified mechanics, and user-friendly design contribute to its reliability and longevity.

Should You Pay For Apple TV Apple Care?

Apple care is notoriously famous for being expensive, and users are divided among its use even for expensive Apple products, such as iPhones. For MacBook and iPhones, users purchase Apple Care for an extended product warranty. They are portable devices, and too many mechanical parts could fail if the device is dropped even once.

However, with Apple TV, you place it near your television, and hopefully, you will not move it around frequently. In that case, paying for Apple Care is pointless because the device’s warranty is good enough. Apple TV works well on its own and will continue delivering beyond the extended warranty that you could get with Apple Care. The Apple TV will outlive Apple Care, and spending money on it is a waste.

Most Apple TV owners skip Apple Care for their TVs, even though they have purchased it for other Apple devices. Experts also suggest that Apple Care is unnecessary for Apple TV, because the likelihood of someone dropping and damaging the TV is very less.

Even if there is trouble with your Apple TV, a simple restart and reset will solve almost all the software issues. The TV is designed for use by less than tech-savvy individuals, so that you won’t run into problems at all. Also, Apple Care service support is also limited for Apple TV.

Even without Apple Care, you can access premium repair services at the Apple Store. The Apple staffs are generally very friendly and will be willing to fix your products, in case of any repairs. As Apple continues to upgrade its products, you are more likely to purchase an upgraded Apple TV at the end of the warranty period of your current Apple TV.

So in short spending Apple Care for Apple TV is not worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple Care for Apple TV Worth It?

Does Apple Care for Apple TV cover accidental damage?

No, Apple Care for Apple TV does not cover accidental damage. It primarily focuses on hardware failures, manufacturing defects, and technical support.

Can I get repair services for my Apple TV without Apple Care?

Yes, you can access premium repair services at Apple Stores even without Apple Care. Apple’s skilled technicians can address any potential issues that your Apple TV may encounter.

Is Apple Care a better option if I plan to upgrade my Apple TV soon?

If you anticipate upgrading to a newer Apple TV model in the near future, the value of an extended warranty like Apple Care may be diminished. Newer models often come with their own warranties and improved features.

How reliable is Apple TV in terms of software and hardware performance?

Apple TV is designed to be user-friendly and has a reputation for reliable software and hardware performance. Most software-related issues can be resolved through simple restarts or resets.

Can I purchase Apple Care for my existing Apple TV at any time?

Yes, you can purchase Apple Care for your existing Apple TV as long as it is still within its standard one-year warranty period.

Does Apple Care for Apple TV provide any benefits beyond warranty extension?

Yes, Apple Care+ for Apple TV offers priority access to product support through chat or phone, as well as express replacement service for hardware issues.

How do I decide whether to purchase Apple Care for my Apple TV?

The decision depends on factors like your usage patterns, your comfort level with potential repairs, and your future upgrade plans. Assess the risks and benefits to determine if Apple Care aligns with your needs.

We hope these FAQs provide clarity and assist you in making an informed decision about whether Apple Care is worth it for your Apple TV.

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