How to Connect Teckin Smart Plug to Samsung Smartthings

Teckin Smart Plug is a wifi outlet that works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, Siri and Samsung Smartthings, no hub required. It allows you to remotely control and schedule the power supply to your electrical devices through a smartphone or tablet. Samsung Smartthings is an umbrella control and automation platform for a range of … Read more

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How to Reset Teckin Smart Plug

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How to Connect Teckin Smart Plug to Alexa

Teckin Smart Plug is a wifi outlet that works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant; no hub is required. It has remote control, voice control, schedule timer, group setting and more features for your home devices. Alexa is a virtual assistant that can control your smart home devices, play music, answer questions, and more with … Read more

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Can You Download Apps on Echo Show

No, you can’t download apps on Echo Show. But you can add the skills. Skills are almost the same as Apps, definitely not as good as Apps. Here are the steps to add skills to your echo show, which acts as an app. It also depends on what you will accomplish; most things will be … Read more

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