How to Setup Chromecast with Google TV

The article will show you how to connect the Chromecast to your Google TV and the voice remote. You need to follow the step-by-step procedures to use Google Chromecast and stream online content on your TV.

Step 1: Preparing for set-up

The Google Chromecast box will include a Chromecast, a power cable, a power adapter, a voice remote, and two AAA batteries. As you prepare to use the Chromecast with Google TV, you would need the following things; a Google account, a Google Home app, and a Wi-fi connection connected to the internet. The batteries are to be put in the Voice remote to power it. Next, you have to plug the Chromecast into TV’s HDMI port. The power cable must be connected to Chromecast to provide power to the device. 

Prepare for Chromecast with Google TV Setup
Chromecast with Google TV Remote Batteries

Step 2: Setting up Chromecast on Google TV

Turn on the TV and select the HDMI port to which the Chromecast is connected. In some cases, the TV will automatically recognize the device if no other device is connected. 

Chromecast with Google TV Plugged In to the TV

Step 3: Pairing Voice remote

In case the remote is not paired with Chromecast, a message with appear ‘Start pairing remote’ on the TV screen. A picture of the voice remote will appear on the screen with green colors indicating the buttons to be pressed.

To begin pairing press and hold the Back button on the remote marked by the left arrow and the Home button marked by a house symbol at the same time. After pressing both buttons at a time a pulsing light will be seen at the bottom of the remote. After the pulsing light appears release the buttons. The connection confirmation will appear on the TV screen and the remote will be ready to be used. 

Chromecast with Google TV Remote

Step 4: Understanding the voice remote

The navigation button is placed on top of the remote which is circular in shape. The select button is placed in the middle of the navigation button which appears as a small circle. This is the button that will confirm the selections on the screen.

Google TV with Chromecast Voice TV Remote

Step 5: Selecting the language

In the next step, the device will ask you to choose your language. On the Welcome screen, the language selection is placed on the left side. Use the navigation button and the selection key to choose your desired language. 

Select the Language - Google TV with Chromecast

Step 6: Set up Chromecast with the Google Home app

Download the Google Home app and your phone and install it. Go to the settings menu and tap ‘Set up Chromecast’ in the Google Home app. The Chromecast will appear as a nearby device. Please select and tap on the device. Scan the QR code on the TV screen and the application will guide you through the setup.

You would need to choose the room in the home where the Chromecast will be used. You have to choose the wi-fi network and sign into Chromecast using your existing Google account. Ensure that the phone is connected to the same wi-fi network which will be used with the Chromecast. 

Google TV with Chromecast - Google Home App

Step 7: Setting up Google Assistant

Using the Google Home app on the phone, you would need to set up Google Assistant. It will enable the use of Google voice remote. After the voice is recognized by the assistant, choose the services you would want to use with Google TV. The selection is essential to personalize your Chromecast TV experience. 

Google Assistant Screen - Google TV with Chromecast

Step 8: Completing the setup

After setup is completed, tap Done from your phone. Now you will have to use the voice remote to set up your TV. 

Setup with Google Home App - Google TV with Chromecast

Step 9: Using Google Voice remote

The remote can be used to control the tv, sound bar, or receiver. If the brand of the TV is detected by the remote it will be set automatically

Using Google Voice Remote - Google TV with Chromecast

Step 10: Setting up Volume control manually

In case the brand of the TV is not detected, you have to set up the volume controls manually. You can choose between a TV, soundbar, and receiver. Then you have to select your brand of TV manually. Use the navigation button and press select to choose the brand of the TV.

Setting Up Volume Control Manually

Step 11: Setting up the remote to control the TV volume and power

The TV will ask you to point the remote toward the TV. It will ask you to press the power button once to turn off the TV. After waiting 8 seconds you would need to press the power button again to turn on the TV. If the remote is connected it will respond as guided. 

Setting up the Remote to Control the TV Volume and Power

Step 12: Installing your apps

As per your chosen services, the apps will get automatically installed. A page written Installing your apps will be shown and the progress bar will show the progress of app installation. 

Step 13: Completing the setup

After the app installation, the page will appear “Your Chromecast with Google TV is ready”. It will allow an option “Start Exploring”. The Chromecast and voice remote are set and ready to be used. 

Completing Setup - Google TV with Chromecast
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