How To Watch Italian TV On Amazon Fire Stick

Watching Italian TV on Amazon Fire Stick can be a great way to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and live channels from Italy. However, you may encounter some challenges due to geo-restrictions, licensing issues, and compatibility problems. In this article, I will show you how to overcome these obstacles and watch Italian TV on Amazon Fire Stick using two methods: installing Rai Play TV app and using Silk Browser.

Step 1: Install VPN, we recommend express vpn.

To watch Italian TV on Amazon Fire Stick, use a VPN. A VPN lets you change your IP address and location to access regionally prohibited material. Many VPN services exist, but express vpn is fast, secure, and reliable. Express VPN has 3000 servers in 94 countries, including Italy. Its 30-day money-back guarantee lets you try it risk-free. Steps to install express vpn on Amazon Fire Stick

Start your Amazon Fire Stick and go home. Click the magnifying glass in the top left corner and type express vpn. Choose Express VPN from the results and click Download or Get. Open the app after installation. Sign in with your Express VPN account or make one. Click the power button to connect to the best server or choose a location from the list. A green indicator indicates a VPN server connection.

Step 2: Once you signup and login to express vpn.

Sign up and log in to expressvpn next. If you have an account, skip this. If not, follow these steps to establish one: Visit the expressvpn website on your computer or phone. Click Get ExpressVPN or Start Free Trial. Select a subscription plan that fits your budget. Pay with credit, PayPal, Bitcoin, or other means. Create a password and enter your email. Check your email for a payment confirmation link. Activate your account and download the express vpn app by clicking the link. Enter your email and password on the app.

Step 3: Select the country as Italy and connect to VPN. Once VPN is connected successfully.

Third, choose Italy as your VPN location and connect. This unlocks geo-restricted Italian TV programs. These steps will do this: Open the Amazon Fire Stick express vpn app. Select Location from the three horizontal lines in the top left corner. Click Italy below or in the search bar. Wait for an Italian server connection in the app. You should see a green connection icon. You may now watch Italian TV on Amazon Fire Stick.

Step 4: Click on the Find button and search for Rai Play TV

The fourth step is to install Rai Play TV on Amazon Fire Stick. The largest Italian public broadcaster, Rai, offers Rai Play TV, its official streaming service. It has news, sports, documentaries, movies, shows, and live channels. Following these instructions will install Rai Play TV on your Amazon Fire Stick:

Return to the Amazon Fire Stick home screen and click Find in the top left corner. Select Search and type Rai Play TV using the virtual keyboard or voice command. Choose Rai Play TV from the results and click Download or Get. Open the app after installation.

Step 5: Install the Rai Play TV.

Install Rai Play TV on your Amazon Fire Stick fifth. Similar to the last stage, however you must confirm permissions and settings before using the program. Following these instructions will install Rai Play TV on your Amazon Fire Stick: 

The Rai Play TV app opens with a welcome screen featuring app information. Proceed by clicking Next or Skip. You must provide the app access to your location, storage, and microphone. Allow or Deny as desired. Select your favorite app language. Choose Italian or English. Your selected video streaming quality will be requested. Choose High, Medium, or Low. You must sign in with Rai Play or establish a new account. Signing in unlocks favorites, watchlist, and resume. Skip this step and use the app as a guest. The app’s main menu lets you explore and view On Demand, Live, Channels, Genres, and Collections.

Step 6: Once the Rai TV is installed, Open and Login to the app.

Step six is to launch and log in to Rai Play TV on your Amazon Fire Stick. This optional step will improve your viewing experience and unlock additional content and features. Steps to open and log in to Rai Play TV on Amazon Fire Stick: Press the Home button on your remote to return to the Rai Play TV app’s main menu. Select the Profile icon in the upper right corner. If you have Rai Play or want to create one, click Login or Register. You can also log in with Facebook or Google. Sign in with your social network account using your email and password or the screen prompts. The login confirmation message will appear. Favorites, watchlist, and resume are now available.

Step 7: How to Watch Italian TV Using Silk Browser on Amazon Fire Stick

The seventh and last stage is watching Italian TV on Amazon Fire Stick with Silk Browser. Your Amazon Fire Stick comes with Silk Browser. You can view any device-compatible website. It lets you view Italian TV shows not on Rai Play TV or other applications. Follow these instructions to stream Italian TV on Amazon Fire Stick using Silk Browser: Return to the Amazon Fire Stick home screen and click Find in the top left corner. Click Search and type Silk Browser using the virtual keyboard or voice command. Select Silk Browser from the results and click Open or Download if needed. Enter the webpage URL after the browser loads. Mediaset Play, another famous Italian streaming service, includes programming from Canale 5, Italia 1, Rete 4, and more at Use the remote or voice command to browse the internet and choose material to watch. Silk Browser on Amazon Fire Stick lets you watch Italian TV.

Best Italian TV Shows You Can Watch on Amazon Fire Stick

If you are looking for some Italian TV shows to watch on your Amazon Fire Stick, you are in luck. There are many options available for you to enjoy, whether you are interested in drama, comedy, crime, or history. 

1. Mafia Undercover

This is a thrilling series that follows the story of an undercover agent who infiltrates the Ndrangheta, one of the most brutal and powerful mafia families in Italy. The agent, Marco Solo, risks his life to expose the secrets and crimes of the mob, while also developing a friendship with the son of the boss. The series is based on real events and shows the dark and violent reality of the mafia world. You can watch Mafia Undercover on Amazon Prime.

2. Montalbano

This is a popular series that features Inspector Montalbano, a witty and charming detective who solves crimes in a small town in Sicily. The series is based on the novels by Andrea Camilleri, and showcases the beautiful scenery and culture of Sicily, as well as the intriguing mysteries and characters that Montalbano encounters. You can watch Montalbano on Amazon Prime.

3. Suburra: Blood on Rome

This is a gripping series that depicts the corruption and conflict between the Vatican, the politicians, and the organized crime in Rome. The series revolves around three young men who are involved in different factions of the power struggle, and who have to face the consequences of their actions. The series is a prequel to the movie Suburra, which is also available on Netflix. You can watch Suburra: Blood on Rome on Netflix.

4. Roman Empire

This is an epic series that combines documentary and historical drama to tell the stories of some of the most famous and infamous emperors of ancient Rome. The series covers the reigns of Commodus, Julius Caesar, and Caligula, and shows how they rose and fell in power, glory, and madness. The series features narration by Sean Bean and Steve West, and stunning visuals and reenactments. You can watch Roman Empire on Netflix.

5. The Young Pope

This is a fascinating series that explores the life and challenges of Lenny Belardo, the first American pope in history. Lenny, played by Jude Law, is a charismatic and controversial figure who shocks and intrigues the Vatican and the world with his unconventional and radical views and actions. The series also stars Diane Keaton as his mentor and confidante. You can watch The Young Pope on HBO Max.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a subscription to access Italian TV content on the Fire Stick? 

Italian TV content on Amazon Fire Stick requires a subscription, depending on the apps and content you consume. Many Italian TV streaming applications offer a free and premium range. Some apps offer free Italian TV stations and shows with commercials, but you may need to subscribe to an excellent plan for exclusive or on-demand programming. This subscription usually offers ad-free access, more features, and more content. Check each app’s criteria and pricing to see if a membership is needed for the Italian TV content you want.

Can I watch live Italian TV channels on the Fire Stick? 

Indeed, you can watch live Italian TV channels on your Amazon Fire Stick. Many apps offer live streaming of popular Italian TV channels, allowing you to tune in to your favorite Italian news broadcasts, sports events, and entertainment programs in real time. These live streams bring the experience of watching Italian TV directly to your Fire Stick, giving you access to current events as they happen.

Can I access Italian movies and TV shows with subtitles on the Fire Stick? 

You can access Italian movies and TV shows with subtitles on the Fire Stick. Most streaming apps on the Fire Stick offer subtitles for a wide range of content, including Italian films and TV shows. Subtitles can be a valuable feature for viewers who want to enjoy Italian content while having the option to read translations or follow along with the dialogues in their preferred language. You can typically enable subtitles or closed captions within the app’s settings while watching a video.

How do I switch audio and subtitles to Italian on the Fire Stick? 

While watching, you can switch audio and subtitles to Italian (or any other language) on your Fire Stick. Press “Options” on your Fire Stick remote, pick “Audio and Subtitles” from the menu, and select Italian audio and subtitles if available. Confirm your choice and the content should be in Italian with subtitles. If your app doesn’t have this option, you can alter the language settings in the Fire Stick’s main settings menu under “Preferences” and “Accessibility.” Your Fire Stick model and software version may affect these instructions.

What internet speed is recommended for streaming Italian TV on the Fire Stick? 

To stream Italian TV shows on your Fire Stick smoothly, you need a reliable internet connection with at least 5 Mbps. This speed should be enough for SD and some HD streaming. A faster internet connection is recommended for the most incredible experience, especially if you stream 4K content. Internet speeds of 10 Mbps or above assure less buffering and good video quality. Multiple devices using the same internet connection can also impair streaming quality, so consider your household’s usage when choosing an internet plan.


Finally, Italian TV on Amazon Fire Stick is a fun and easy way to watch your favorite Italian shows. These procedures will help you watch Italian TV on Amazon Fire Stick despite geo-restrictions, license challenges, and compatibility issues. Rai Play TV app, Mediaset Play website, and other Italian TV websites offer a variety of programming. This essay should have been helpful and informative. Happy viewing!

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