How to Delete Advertising ID in Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV has a feature where users can stop personalized apps from appearing. Using the step-by-step procedure given in this article users can prevent apps from tracking their online search patterns which generates personalized ads for the users. It will also disable Google from tracking the id for ads and preferences. 

Step 1: Access Settings

Use the right navigation button on the Home Screen to access the Settings option. It will be located on the right side of the screen where the User ID is found. It will appear with a gear icon. 

access settings on home screen - Google TV with Chromecast Step 2: Find the Privacy Option

Under the Settings menu scroll the menu to find the Privacy option. The Privacy option will contain access settings for Location, Usage, Diagnostics and Ads. The section also has app settings for app control. 

privacy option under settings in google tv with chromecast

Step 3: Find and access Usage and Diagnostics

Select Usage and Diagnostics and switch off the tab using the OK button. It will mean that Chromecast will no longer be sending diagnostic info to Google. 

access usage and diagnostics in gogole tv with chromecast

Step 4: Access Ads option

After disabling the Usage and Diagnostics, go to the Ads option under the Privacy option. It is located right after the Usage and Diagnostics option. Access the option by pressing the OK button on the voice remote. 

accessing ads option in google tv with chromecast

Step 5: Access Delete Advertising ID

Accessing the Ad page will show you the option to Delete the Advertising ID. It is the second option on the menu under the Ads section. Select it and press OK on the voice remote.

acess delete advertising id in google tv with chromecast

Step 6: Delete Advertising ID

Accessing the Delete Advertising ID will show the option Delete Advertising ID button at bottom of the description. It will delete the ID which is used to show personalized applications. The ads are blocked on Chromecast.

delete advertising id in google tv with chromecast
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