How To Enable ADB Debugging On Fire TV Stick?

One of the most useful features of the Fire Stick is the ability to enable ADB (Android Debug Bridge) debugging. This feature is intended for developers, but can also be useful for troubleshooting and customizing the device. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of enabling ADB debugging on your Fire TV Stick.

Step 1 : Switch the Fire TV Device “ON”

Before we begin the process of enabling ADB debugging, make sure your Fire TV Device is turned on. Once the device is “ON”, you will be able to access the “Home Page”.

Image showing the Home Page of Fire TV device

Step 2 : Access the “Settings” tab from the Home Page

Once you are at the Home Page, locate and select the “Settings” icon, it may be located on the top of the screen or in the main menu.

Alternatively, you can also use the Alexa Voice Remote to access the settings menu. Just press and hold the microphone button on the remote and say “Open Settings” and the settings menu will open up.

Image showing selection of Settings tab

Step 3 : Select “My Fire TV” from the setting options

Clicking the “Settings” tab will enable you to multiple setting options. Navigate through these options to find “My Fire TV” and click “Okay” on your Fire TV remote to select it.

Image showing selection of My Fire TV

Step 4 : Choose “About” Tab from the options

You will now be able access “My Fire TV” setting options. 

Earlier, these options also consisted of the “Developer options” tab, which enabled users to directly access “ADB debugging” settings. Amazon, in their recent update, removed the “Developer options” feature from the settings menu on Fire TV devices.

However, you can get this option back on your Fire TV device. Read on to know how.

Select “About” from the menu options on your screen.

Step 5 : Select “Fire TV Stick” and click it “7” times

You should now be able to see various options. Scroll down to “Fire TV Stick” and press “Okay”  7 times on your Fire TV remote. 

Image showing selection of Fire TV Stick

Step 6 : Pop-Up Notification

Once you’ve pressed the okay button about 3 times, you will also see a pop-up message on your screen saying 

“You are now 4 steps away from being a developer”

Continue clicking okay for a few times before you see another pop-up saying

“No need, you already are a developer”

Image showing pop-up notification on the screen

Step 7 : Press “Back” button on the Fire TV Remote

The next step is to go back to the previous menu by  clicking the “back” button on your Fire TV Remote. You should now be able to see “Developer options” right below the “About” tab.

Image showing Fire TV remote with back button selection

Step 8 :  Access the “Developer Options” from the options displayed

Scroll down to “Developer options” and click the “Okay” button on your Fire TV remote. 

Image showing Developer option selection

Step 9 : Choose “ADB debugging” option

Once you access the Developer options, you will be able to navigate through two setting options. Select “ADB debugging” and click on it.

Image showing ADB debugging selection being off

Step 10 :  ADB debugging is now “ON” on your Fire Stick

Once you click on the “ADB debugging” tab, it switches to “ON” automatically. “ADB debugging is now enabled on your Fire TV Stick

Image showing ADB debugging being on

It’s important to note that enabling ADB debugging on a Fire Stick may expose the device to security risks, so it’s essential to only use ADB commands from trusted sources and be sure to disable ADB debugging when you’re done using it. Additionally, enabling ADB debugging on a Fire Stick may also void the device’s warranty, so proceed at your own risk.

Conclusion : 

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) debugging is a feature that allows developers and advanced users to remotely access and control an Android device, such as a Fire Stick, from a computer. With ADB debugging enabled, developers can use a variety of ADB commands to access the device’s system and apps, install custom apps, troubleshoot issues, and access advanced settings.

Even though Amazon has hidden this feature in their new update, you will be able to access it with the help of this article.

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