How to Mirror Windows 11 to LG OLED TV

The LG OLED TV now offers a mirroring option. You can connect your Windows 11 laptop to the LG tv and enjoy a game, or movie or work on the much bigger screen of the TV without loss of any picture quality. The article will provide a step by step instructions to connect Windows 11 laptop with an LG OLED TV. Please note that the laptop and the TV have to be connected to the same wi-fi network.

Note: These steps are recorded with LG OLED C2 Television – Released in 2022.

Step 1: Turn on your laptop or computer

To begin the process, ensure that your Windows 11 laptop or computer is turned on and functioning properly. This step is important because it enables your device to connect to your LG OLED TV.

Step 2: Open the Windows 11 Start Menu

Find the Windows button on your taskbar, which is normally located in the bottom-left corner of your screen. By pressing this button, the Windows 11 Start Menu will appear, giving you access to a number of settings and choices.

Click on Windows Button

Step 3: Access the Settings Menu

The “Settings” option is shown by a gear symbol in the Windows 11 Start Menu. With this option, you can control and customize a number of features on your Windows 11 device. Click on “Settings” to proceed.

Step 4: Navigate to the Display Settings

Once you have entered the Settings menu, scroll down to find the “Display” option. This option controls the settings related to your device’s display, including resolution, brightness, and screen mirroring. Click on “Display” to access the display settings.


Step 5: Find the “Connect to a Wireless Display” Option

There are several display connectivity options available in the Display settings. Find and select the “Connect to a Wireless Display” option. This option enables you to connect your Windows 11 device to your LG OLED TV via wireless.


Step 6: Locate your LG OLED TV

After clicking on “Connect to a Wireless Display,” your Windows 11 device will initiate a search for available wireless display options. Give it some time to finish the quest. When the process is finished, a list of available devices will be displayed.

Step 7: Select your LG OLED TV for Connection

Find your LG OLED TV among the available devices. It is important to choose the correct device to establish the connection. Click on your LG OLED TV to select it for connection.

Note: If you still didn’t see your LG TV, turn on and turn off your television. This should fix the issue.


Step 8: Confirm the Connection on your LG OLED TV

When you select your LG OLED TV, a message will appear on the TV screen asking you to confirm the connection from your Windows 11 device. To navigate, use the remote control for your LG OLED TV and select the option to confirm the connection.

Step 9: Wait for the Connection to Establish

After confirming the connection on your LG OLED TV, give your Windows 11 device a few moments to establish the wireless connection with your TV. The devices will communicate and synchronize settings during this time to enable screen mirroring.

Screen Mirroring from Windows to LG OLED TV

Step 10: Disconnect to LG OLED TV.

It will have a disconnect button in case the mirroring needs to be closed.  



Troubleshooting Tips for Mirroring Windows 11 Screen to LG OLED TV

While mirroring your Windows 11 screen to your LG OLED TV is generally a simple process, you may encounter some common issues. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you overcome them:

Ensure Wi-Fi Connectivity: Make sure both your Windows 11 device and LG OLED TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. For seamless mirroring, a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection is required.

Update Device Drivers: Check for any available updates for your device drivers, particularly for your graphics card. Outdated drivers can sometimes cause compatibility issues. Visit the manufacturer’s website or use Windows Update to update your drivers.

Restart Devices: If you’re experiencing connectivity issues or unexpected behavior, try restarting both your Windows 11 device and LG OLED TV. This can often resolve temporary glitches.

Disable Firewall or Security Software: Sometimes, firewalls or security software on your Windows 11 device may interfere with the mirroring process. Temporarily disable these programs and see if the issue is resolved.

Reset Network Settings: If the mirroring process continues to encounter problems, you can try resetting network settings on both your Windows 11 device and LG OLED TV. This will resolve any potential network configuration issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mirror my Windows 11 screen to an LG OLED TV without an internet connection?

Yes, you can mirror your Windows 11 screen to an LG OLED TV without an internet connection, as long as both devices are connected to the same local network. However, certain features, like streaming online content, may require an internet connection.

Is it possible to mirror my Windows 11 screen to an LG OLED TV using a wired connection?

Yes, if your LG OLED TV has an HDMI input port, you can connect your Windows 11 device to the TV using an HDMI cable for a wired screen mirroring experience.

Are there any additional apps or software required to mirror Windows 11 to an LG OLED TV?

No, Windows 11 comes with built-in screen mirroring capabilities, eliminating the need for additional apps or software.

What should I do if I can’t find my LG OLED TV in the list of available devices?

Check to see if your Windows 11 device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your LG OLED TV, is powered on, and can support screen mirroring. Additionally, check if there are any firmware updates available for your TV.

Do all LG OLED TVs support screen mirroring?

Most modern LG OLED TVs come with screen mirroring capabilities. However, it’s always advisable to check your TV’s specifications or user manual to confirm.

Can I mirror my Windows 11 screen to multiple LG OLED TVs simultaneously?

No, Windows 11 does not natively support mirroring to multiple devices simultaneously. You can only mirror one LG OLED TV at a time.

Can I mirror the content that is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

Copyright and licensing restrictions may prevent you from mirroring DRM-protected content. Certain streaming platforms may prohibit screen mirroring for specific content. However, non-DRM content should mirror without any issues.

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