How To Set Parental Controls On Fire TV Stick?

Setting parental controls on your Fire TV Stick is an important step in ensuring that your children are only able to access appropriate content while using the device. The Fire TV Stick has a built-in feature that allows you to set parental controls and restrict access to certain content based on ratings or specific channels. This article will take you through the entire process of setting up Parental Controls on your Fire TV Stick.

Step 1 : Press “Home” on your Fire TV Remote

Before we begin enabling Parental Controls, make sure that your Fire TV device is turned on. Press “Home” on your Fire TV remote to access the Home Page.

Pcture showing Home page of Fire TV stick

Step 2 : Press and hold “Home” to access “Quick Settings”

The next step is to press and hold the “Home” button on your Fire TV remote, for a few seconds. This action will open up quick settings options on your screen.

Image showing Fire TV remote "Home" selection

Step 3 : Select “Settings” Icon

Next, select the “Settings” tab from the quick settings options displayed on your Fire TV screen. Press Okay on your Fire TV remote to access.

Image showing Selection of Settings icon

Step 4 : Select “Preferences”

Once you access the Settings icon, you will be able to navigate through the different Settings Menu options. Scroll through to find “Preferences” and press “Okay” on your Fire TV remote to select it.

Image showing selection of Preferences tab

Step 5 : Choose “Parental Controls”

The Preferences Menu options will allow you to access “Parental Controls”, which is the first option under the Preferences settings. Select “Parental Controls” and press “Okay” on your Fire TV remote.

Image showing selection of "Parental Controls"

Step 6 : Select “Parental Controls” again

At this stage, you should see that the “Parental Controls” status is “OFF”. To start the process of turning it on, select “Parental Controls” again and press Okay on your Fire TV remote.

Image showing Parental Controls being off

Step 7 : Enter “PIN”

You would now be required to set a “PIN”. Follow the instructions to set a PIN and select “Next”.

It’s important to note that anytime you wish to change these settings, you would be required to enter this PIN. Make sure it’s either easy enough for you to remember or you make a note of it.

A pop-up message asking to enter new pin

Step 8 : Re-Enter the “PIN”

The next step is to re-enter the “PIN” to confirm it. Follow the instructions on the screen and select “Next”.

Image showing pop-up message to confrm the PIN

Step 9 : “Parental Controls Enabled”

Once you set up a PIN, you will receive a pop-up notification on your screen saying

“Parental Controls Enabled”

Select “OK”.

Image showing pop-up message stating Parental Controls Enabled

You may now let the controls be at your children’s hands without worrying about the content they watch.

Note: It’s also worth noting that the Fire TV Stick allows you to personalize your viewing experience by creating different profiles. You can create a profile for each member of your household and adjust the settings accordingly. To create a new profile : 

Go to the “Settings” menu > select “Account & Profile Settings” > then go to “Profiles” > Select “Add Profile”.

Unable To Set Parental Controls On Fire TV Stick

Some possible methods to troubleshoot parental controls issues on Fire TV Stick are:

Method 1: Update your device software

Sometimes, parental controls may not work correctly if your device software is outdated or corrupted. Updating your software can fix any bugs or issues that may affect parental controls and improve the performance and security of your device. To update your software, go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates and see if any new version is available. If there is, choose Install Update and wait for the process to complete. Your device will restart automatically after the update.

Method 2: Check your internet connection

Parental controls may also fail to work if your device is not connected to the internet or has a weak signal. Parental controls rely on the internet to verify your PIN and access the content restrictions. To check your internet connection, go to Settings > Network and see the status of your Wi-Fi connection. If it is not connected or has a low signal strength, try moving your device closer to your router or using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. You can also try restarting your router or contacting your ISP for help.

Method 3: Reset your PIN

If you forgot your PIN or entered it incorrectly, you may be unable to use parental controls on your device. You can use your Amazon account or your device settings to reset your PIN. To use your Amazon account, go to [Amazon Parental Controls] on your web browser and sign in with your Amazon credentials. Then select the device that you want to manage from the list of registered devices. You can see the current status of parental controls and change your PIN from there. To use your device settings, go to Settings > Preferences > Parental Controls, enter a new 5-digit PIN of your choice, and confirm it.

Method 4: Use the correct remote

If you are using a different remote than the one that came with your device, you may not be able to access some features or functions of parental controls. Some remotes may not be compatible with specific models or generations of Fire TV Stick devices. To check if your remote is compatible, go to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Amazon Fire TV Remotes and see if your remote is listed there. If it is not, you may need to pair it with your device or use another compatible remote. You can also use the Fire TV app on your smartphone or tablet as a replacement remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up individual profiles with separate parental controls on my Fire TV Stick?

To create customized profiles with distinct parental controls, navigate to “Settings,” then “Profiles & Family Library.” Here, you can set up profiles for family members, each with their content restrictions. You can choose which apps, games, and videos they can access and which ones they need a PIN. You can also link your Amazon Household account to share Prime benefits and content across profiles. To switch between profiles, press and hold the Home button on your remote and select the profile icon.

Using parental controls, can we set time limits for specific apps or content categories?

Yes, you can establish time limits for specific apps or content types by heading to “Settings,” then “Preferences,” and selecting “Usage Controls.” This feature helps manage screen time effectively. You can choose how much time each profile can spend on specific apps or content categories, such as games, videos, or music. You can also set a daily limit for the total usage of the device. When the time limit is reached, the device will lock and require a PIN to unlock. You can also view the usage history and statistics for each profile.

How do I allow my kids to access educational content while restricting other media types?

Through settings, preferences and parental controls, you can enable educational content while blocking inappropriate material. It provides a balanced and safe viewing experience. You can choose a content rating for each profile, such as TV-Y, TV-G, and TV-PG for videos or ESRB ratings for games. Additionally, you can prevent your children from viewing specific genres or categories, such as those that feature violence, horror, or adult themes. For a monthly fee, you can also sign up for the Kids subscription service, which provides thousands of kid-friendly books, videos, games, and apps.

How do I ensure that my child’s search results yield safe and suitable content?

In “Settings,” navigate to “Preferences,” “Parental Controls,” and choose “Safe Search.” This feature refines search results to display only family-friendly content. It filters out any explicit or inappropriate content that may appear in web searches, images, videos, or voice responses. It also blocks access to any websites that are not suitable for kids. You can customize the safe search settings by choosing which categories or keywords to block or allow.

Can I receive notifications about my child’s viewing habits and app usage?

Absolutely. Turn on “Activity Reporting” under “Settings,” “Preferences,” and “Parental Controls.”. This gives you information about what your child is doing on the gadget. You can observe their device usage patterns, including when, which apps they use, the videos they watch, and how much time they spend on each activity. Additionally, you can set up email alerts to inform you of any unusual or alarming behavior, such as excessive usage, inappropriate content, or unauthorized purchases. By logging into your Amazon account and visiting the Parent Dashboard, you can view the activity reports online.


In conclusion, setting parental controls on your Fire TV Stick is an important step in ensuring that your children are only able to access appropriate content while using the device. The Fire TV Stick has a built-in feature that allows you to set parental controls and restrict access to certain content based on ratings or specific channels. Additionally, you may also create a different profile for children. This will ensure that they only get prompted with the content as per their profile. 

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